Richmond Childcare Alliance

The Richmond Child Care Resource & Referral Centre hosts regular network meetings for child care providers. Sometimes the topics discussed are lighthearted and fun - new activity ideas, for example. Other times, the mood remains lighthearted and fun, but the topics are a bit more serious, like the latest research in early childhood development, or the steps involved in creating a group health plan for Richmond child care providers. 

What is certain, though, is that the child care providers who attend the network meetings are some of the most passionate and dedicated in Richmond. As proof, they've formed the Richmond Childcare Alliance, with the dual goal of promoting the development and delivery of high quality early childhood care and education services, and enhancing the skills and professional status of all child care workers. 

Joining the Alliance

If you're a child care provider in Richmond and are thinking about joining the Alliance - perhaps this is the first time you've heard of it - let us tell you why it's a wise decision. For one, you'll be better able to share knowledge and resources with your colleagues. As well, it will allow you to more effectively promote your daycare. That's because every child care provider who joins the Alliance gets their own custom webpage, which you can update with everything from photos to program and vacancy information. There's an annual fee of $50, and before joining you must first be a member of the Child Care Resource & Referral Centre. 

So, ready to sign up? All you have to do is click here

A Resource for Parents

There are many ways for parents to find child care, including the Child Care Resource & Referral Centre's own referral service. The Richmond Childcare Alliance can also help you in your search. Its website features detailed information on over 20 Richmond child care providers, from large group centres to home-based family daycares. While we make no recommendations, and stress that parents are responsible for selecting a child care provider that meets their family's needs, we will say that the Alliance's website is an excellent resource for learning more about your child care options.