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Behold, our Newsletter Archive, containing every issue of E-Connections dating all the way back to 2010 (someday that's going to sound like a really long time). E-Connections, by the way, is Volunteer Richmond's electronic newsletter, distributed monthly-ish. It includes a wide range of things you'd expect to find in a newsletter: news and notes, bits and bites, organizational tidbits, and of course, moderately pithy writing. 


Newsletters from bygone months and years can be read below. To get E-Connections delivered directly to your digital doorstep, scroll to the bottom of this page and click Join Our Mailing List. A couple of buttons and a few text fields later, you'll be all signed up!

March 2016: Get grants for your great ideas

Neighbourhood Small Grants; Volunteer Management Training Series; Senior Community Support Services; Variety Children's Charity grant; Richmond's Volunteer Portal; Richmond Youth Services Agency Breakfast Club; Richmond Community Foundation High School Scholarships and Community Grants; Richmond Public Library Endowment Fund

October 2015: Make this Christmas Meaningful

Christmas Fund volunteering; Christmas Fund events; volunteer.rcrg.org; Neighbourhood Small Grants; volunteers helping seniors; Canadian Journal of Volunteer Resources Management; St. Alban's Drop-In Centre; Richmond Community Foundation Anniversary, Rosewood Manor Care Foundation

Cause & Effect #3: August 2015

Christmas Fund volunteering; Youth Now; new volunteer database; Senior Community Support Services; Neighbourhood Small Grants, Volunteer Management Training Series; Richmond Community Foundation Anniversary

Cause & Effect #1: March 2015

Introducing Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives; Neighbourhood Small Grants, Volunteers Are Stars, Caring Companies Forum Series; Volunteer Management Training Series; Community Grants; 2015 Scholarships; Richmond Women's Resource Centre

Bulletin #30: February 2015

Volunteers Are Stars Nominations; Caring Companies Forum Series; Volunteer Management Training Series; Better At Home; Neighbourhood Small Grants; Michael McCoy's Retirement

Bulletin #29: August 2014

Richmond Neighbourhood Small Grants; Youth Now Applications; Volunteer Management Training Series; Senior Peer Counselling; Christmas Fund Volunteers; Strategic Volunteering; Steveston Farmers & Artisans Market

Bulletin #28: February 2014

2014 Volunteers Are Stars Nominations; National Volunteer Week 2014; New Workshops and Training; Become a Better at Home Volunteer Driver; Caregivers Education and Support Program

Bulletin #27: January 2014

Doing Santa Proud; A Warm Welcome to Christine Kuo; CCRR Program Spotlight; New and Improved Volunteer Centre; Richmond Arts Coalition Endowment Fund at Richmond Community Foundation

Bulletin #26: November 2013

Countdown to the Christmas Fund; Tourism Richmond's Day of Giving; The Richmond Christmas Fund Roundtable; The Fine Art of Discipline and Dismissal; A New Website for the Richmond Community Foundation

Bulletin #25: August 2013

Better at Home launch and Driver / Friendly Visitor Volunteer Recruitment; Community Idol Contest; Volunteer Management Training Series; Youth Now Applications

Bulletin #24: June 2013

The 2nd Annual Day of Caring; Introducing Volunteer Richmond's 2013-14 Board of Directors; Community Action Ambassadors Graduate; Richmond Social Media Directory; Join Us at Salmon Fest 2013

Bulletin #23: May 2013

Volunteers Are Stars Recap; 2012-13 Youth Now Graduating Class; Community Action Ambassador Recruitment; May 2013 Volunteer Management Training Series; May Is Child Care Month

Bulletin #22: March 2013

2013 Volunteers Are Stars Awards Nominations; Become a Community Action Ambassador; 2013-14 Volunteer Richmond Membership Renewal; National Volunteer Week 2013; New Blog Post: The Decision

Bulletin #21: January 2013

Bulletin #20: November 2012 

Bulletin #19: September 2012

Bulletin #18: August 2012

Bulletin #17: July 2012

Bulletin #16: May 2012

Bulletin #15: March 2012

Bulletin #14: February 2012 

Bulletin #13: December 2011

Bulletin #12: November 2011 

Bulletin #11: September 2011

Bulletin #10: August 2011

Bulletin #9: June 2011

Bulletin #8: May 2011

Bulletin #7: March 2011

Bulletin #6: February 2011

Bulletin #5: December 2010

Bulletin #4: November 2010

Bulletin #3: September 2010

Bulletin #2: August 2010

Bulletin #1: June 2010

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