Volunteer Richmond Information Services

Richmond is a better place to live… because we’re here.


Great things are happening in Richmond. The spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship is high. Our sense of civic pride is stronger than ever.

So what makes Richmond such a remarkable place to live, work and do business? No matter how large or fast the city grows, Richmond never loses its strong sense of community.

Families thrive and businesses grow when people feel safe knowing that the community is there to support them in times of need. When people mobilize to help people, the definition of the word “community” is fully realized. Bonds are created and form remarkably strong circles of support. In Richmond, these circles are truly impressive.

Since 1972, Volunteer Richmond Information Services (VRIS) has been bringing people and services together through community information and volunteerism. Whether providing the programs that Richmond needs or connecting people to other organizations and services, VRIS is at the centre of bringing Richmond together.


Our offices are located in the Richmond Caring Place, 7000 Minoru Blvd. We're open Monday to Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm, and visitors are always welcome.  


Annual Reports


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