Community Action Ambassadors

Seniors, especially those living alone, too often become disconnected from their community. Some have recently lost a loved one, and are now struggling with feelings of grief and sadness. Others are facing mental health issues, even drug or alcohol addiction, thinking there's nowhere to turn for support. 

Thanks to the Community Action Ambassadors program, there is.

Community Action Ambassadors are trained senior volunteers who offer peer-to-peer support to other seniors, in addition to facilitating public education forums and workshops. They act as mentors for isolated seniors from all cultures, connecting them to community services and educating them about healthy aging, including mental health issues and the use of alcohol and drugs. 

Volunteers are active in Richmond, Surrey, and Vancouver. They're easy to talk to, culturally aware, and, because of their training, knowledgeable about the community resources available to enhance mental health and address substance use concerns. Community Action Ambassadors are available upon request for speaking engagements.

The Community Action Ambassadors program is a joint initiative of Volunteer Richmond and Richmond Addiction Services, with additional support from SUCCESS, Richmond Youth Service Agency, Progressive Intercultural Community Services, Richmond Multicultural Community Services, and Vancouver Coastal Health.

Funding for the Community Action Ambassadors Program is provided by the Community Action Initiative

Becoming a Volunteer

If you choose to become a Community Action Ambassador, you'll be embarking on a volunteer journey that will be memorable for its challenges, but even more so for its tremendous rewards. The training, which lasts for 11 weeks, will help develop your communication skills and teach you a wide range of healthy coping techniques. And of course, you'll receive support every step of the way from the partner organizations listed above.  

Too many seniors are suffering in silence. As a Community Action Ambassador, you can help dramatically improve their quality of life. 

The next round of Community Action Ambassador training begins in late June. If you're interested in volunteering, or would simply like more information, please call 604-279-7020 or e-mail